About Us

The difference between Ripcord Design and most web design firms is that we stick around and take full responsibility for our clients' websites after they're launched.

Our Story

Ripcord Design started in 2002 the way many small businesses begin, by helping out family and friends. It wasn't long before people asked if they could pay us to build and maintain a website, and we had a real business on our hands.

A few things have kept us successful for the past 16 years - we keep things simple, we conduct ourselves professionally, and we work hard. We find that we often share these values with our clients (fellow small business owners), which means we're usually speaking the same language right from the start.

Our Difference

The biggest difference with Ripcord Design is that we take responsibility for our clients' websites.

Our clients are busy running their business. They don't have time to figure out online marketing, update their website on their own, or worry about their business' online image. That's what we do. Many web design firms miss this completely.

We've seen web design trends come and go. What works for small businesses are the things that have always worked - a professional appearance and a well-run operation. With our beautiful web design work and worry-free ongoing maintenance, we help traditional small businesses stay competitive in today's ever-evolving web marketplace, and sleep better at night knowing their reputation is in expert hands.