Our Process

Here's our process, and what you can expect along the way


Week 1

During setup you'll be offering your input on the overall look and feel. You'll point out websites you like, and list the features and elements you want. Your designer will put together an outline (sitemap) of the structure of your website and your requirements, and will be requesting things like your logo and domain info.


Week 2

During the design phase, your designer will go off and design your website home page and a sub-page to present for your review. During review, you'll provide feedback and the designer will make revisions until you're thrilled with the look. Once the design is approved, the remaining sub-pages will be built out.


Week 3

This is where the design and your content merge. If your content needs work, you will be working on that over the next few weeks. In the meantime, your designer will be coding the website and adding content as you provide it. The website will be optimized for mobile devices and SEO at this stage.


Week 4

The website launch includes a final review of the website and testing of all the elements. You'll make any final edits or additions before your web developer runs your website through a complete QA checklist.


Once your website is live, We offer hosting hosting and support to protect your investment and keep your website fresh and growing with you. Ongoing support includes 24x7 access to our SimpleCMS editor, in addition to our instant turnaround support for routine edits and changes.

“I have been working with Ripcord Design for 8 years for our corporate web design, hosting and online marketing and they have been very reliable, knowledgeable and always respond to my questions or requests quickly.”

Claudia Markovich, ATI Systems

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