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How Much Does Boston Web Design Cost?

April 8, 2020 - Boston, MA

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Boston web design agencies charge a wide range, but generally fall into 3 levels: most affordable ($3,000 and under), mid-priced ($5,000–$10,000), and high-priced ($10,000+).

Most Affordable () - Best for Small Businesses

Ripcord Design logo

1. Ripcord Design

Pricing: $1,999
Founded: 2002

Description: Since 2002 Ripcord Design has provided professional web design, SEO, support and hosting to greater New England small businesses at an affordable price.

Boston Web Designers logo

2. Boston Web Designers

Pricing: $2,000
Founded: 2001

Description: Boston Web Designers provides digital marketing solutions including website design, branding, web development, E-commerce, E-mail Marketing, SEO.

Ladybugz logo

3. Ladybugz

Pricing: $3,500
Founded: 2000

Description: Ladybugz is a Boston MA Website Design, Development + Digital Marketing company providing Web Design and Development, Social Media, SEO & Content Marketing.

Mid-Priced () - Best for Mid-Sized Companies (20+ employees)

Going Clear logo

4. Going Clear

Pricing: $5,000
Founded: 2001

Description: GoingClear Interactive is a Boston digital agency driven to move your business forward - specializing in branding, web design, digital strategy, web apps and digital marketing.

Create + Conquer logo

5. Create + Conquer

Pricing: $5,000
Founded: 2010

Description: Create + Conquer is a Boston web design company that builds websites and digital marketing campaigns for medium-sized businesses in the Greater Boston area.

Up And Social logo

6. Up And Social

Pricing: $5,000
Founded: 2012

Description: Up And Social is a full-service, Boston-based web design and marketing agency sitting on the cutting edge of the internet, creating exceptional websites.

Boston Digital logo

7. Boston Digital

Pricing: $5,000
Founded: 1999

Description: Boston Digital is an experienced digital marketing agency, combining world-class web development, design, UX, SEO and more.

High-Priced () - Best for Larger Companies and Organizations

Yelling Mule logo

8. Yelling Mule

Pricing: $10,000
Founded: 2003

Description: Yelling Mule is an award winning Boston web design company offering custom website solutions, SEO, strategic user interface design, marketing and branding.

Impelr logo

9. Impelr

Pricing: $10,000
Founded: 2006

Description: Impelr designs & develops experiences that make businesses successful.

Jackrabbit Design logo

10. Jackrabbit Design

Pricing: $50,000
Founded: 1999

Description: Jackrabbit is a Boston-based brand design agency specializing in marketing design, web design, web development, and strategic marketing communications.

A few things to keep in mind:

1. You need a smaller website than you think. Visitors spend very little time on a website these days, and prefer to skim rather than read. A clean, professional 5-page website is more than enough to give visitors a feel for your business. There's very little additional benefit from a complex 20+ page website with resources, press releases, and endless team bios.

2. Be sure to factor in redesign cost. The web changes so frequently that even the most sophisticated, cutting-edge websites start to look dated after 5 years. Over twenty years, a lower-cost website with redesigns may cost $15,000 in total, but a more extensive website could end up costing $50,000-$100,000+.

3. Small websites are more flexible and easier to maintain. Large websites are hard to keep updated. News sections and blogs often fall months (or years) behind, links break, team pages still show former employees...the list goes on. And with digital marketing, internet marketing, and search engines all evolving constantly, it pays to have a website that can pivot, change, and grow without becoming a gigantic project and expense.