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3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Google Ranking Today

Simple things you can do to improve your online marketing

July 27, 2017

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SEO is a subject that gets a lot of press, and for a good reason - even small bumps in Google rankings can mean significantly more visitors to your website. More website visitors means more clients you'll have an opportunity to serve.

Here are three simple ways to improve your Google ranking today:

Add your phone number to the top of your website

Put your phone number on the top right of your home page, right in the header if possible. It's a clear signal to Google that you are a local business connected to that area code. It is also something that makes it easier for people to contact you, and Google rewards websites that are well-built and provide a solid user experience.

Claim your free listing on Google Business

If your firm is not officially listed with Google, remedy that today by going to https://www.google.com/business/ and listing your business there. It will help your Google rankings locally, and may even propel you directly onto the first page of results in the coveted 'map box'. Either way, it's simple and free, and can provide a boost for local searches.

Use the proper Title Tag on your home page

This one may be a bit trickier to do yourself, although all CMS platforms (Wordpress, Wix, and others) offer a way to edit this information. If you're not using a CMS, maybe a summer intern or web designer is up for helping you out. Change your Title Tag so that it follows the following pattern:

Services You Provide - Where You're Located | Your Business Name
(e.g. Financial Advisor - Springboro OH | Wise Wealth Management)

You want your Title Tag to sync up with what people are looking for. Most people will be searching for 'financial advisor city/town', 'financial planner city/town', or 'wealth management city/town'. So your Title Tag needs to reflect that.


That's all there is to it! Of course there's a whole lot more to SEO than just a few tweaks, but why not start with a few easy ones you can do yourself? And don't be surprised if you see your firm get a boost in ranking for local searches over the coming weeks.