Quick answers to common web design questions

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When do you need the content for the new website?

We'll need your content roughly two weeks after the project begins. If your content already exists on your current website, we can grab it directly for you. If you have sections or pages that need to be added, we can use your current copy as a placeholder and swap out the new copy when it's ready. We aim to work in parallel - as we design the website, you're revising/updating your content. They come together around week two.

If you're providing us with new/revised content, bios, etc then a Word document works great. You can simply send it as an email attachment. It's best to wait until it's all ready to go versus sending it page by page. Images, PDFs, and other content can be sent as email attachments as well. For larger files we use Dropbox or Hightail. Secure information (passwords, etc) can be transferred to us via a secure form on our website.