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How does SEO work?

Your new website includes SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We optimize your underlying code and help you optimize your page content for top Google ranking. First page (Top 10) Google results for your keywords are very typical.

The main drivers of your ranking are; On-Site Optimization, Link Popularity and Freshness. Here's how they work:

On-Site Optimization

Code and tag optimization is built into every site we create, based on your important keywords. We follow Google's Best Practices for SEO to ensure your new website is both user-friendly and Google-friendly.

Link Popularity

Link popularity is all about who links to your site. It can take the form of a link on a partner's website, a link in a business directory, an article, etc. The more relevant the website, the better, and the more popular the website the better. We're happy to offer insight and ideas for increasing link popularity.


Google keeps an eye on what you're up to. Visitors like new and fresh information, so Google will reward you with higher rankings if you keep your website updated. This includes a news page, adding case studies, events, blogs, articles, and of course staying at least somewhat active on social media.