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How do I set up email?

Here are the correct email settings for any client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac, iPad, etc.):

Username: name@yourdomain.com (YOUR FULL EMAIL ADDRESS)
Password: your email password

Incoming (IMAP) Server:
Port: 993

Outgoing (SMTP) Server:
Port: 465


SMTP (outgoing server) Authentication Required

Secure Authentication (or SPA) needs to be turned off

Stuck? Here are a few tips

  1. Always use your full email address as the username.
  2. Always Use IMAP unless you have a specific reason for using POP3.
  3. On iPhones/iPads, ensure both your username (full email address) and password are filled in, even if your device says it is Optional.
  4. On iPhones/iPads, if you're changing email settings on an existing email account and getting errors, try removing and re-creating the account as new.
  5. Use the correct password. Be 100% sure you're using the correct password.
  6. Google it. Use Google to search any specific error messages you're seeing - you'll often find others have solved the issue for you.
  7. Don't panic. You are never without working email. Webmail is available to use at all times, so use it while you work on getting your device or mail client set up properly.