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Are these emails about my domain important?

Which emails are we talking about?

We're talking about those emails you seem to get every so often from your domain registrar (GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc) that sound scary, reference organizations like 'ICANN' and mention things like potential loss of your domain. Those emails.

Why are they important?

Those emails can be important because a valid contact email is important to avoid losing your domain. There's very little required - all you have to do is click 'verify' and you're all set. This is something ICANN (the governing body for domains) requires of domain registrars like GoDaddy and Network Solutions. So, they have to send you these emails to verify 'someone's home' once a year.

Unfortunately, since domain registrars like Network Solutions and GoDaddy also tend to send lots of sales pitches, and other non-legitimate companies send spam emails attempting to scare you into renewing with them or switching to their services, it can be confusing.

If you're not sure about an email or what you have to do, we recommend simply forwarding us the email and asking if it's valid or not. We're happy to help you identify what's important and what can be safely ignored and deleted.