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Financial Advisor Websites 2017
The best web design is about getting the little things right.

August 29, 2017

Financial advisor websites 2017

Financial advisor websites are generally not very high quality. It's certainly understandable, as financial advisors are usually more concerned with managing clients and numbers, and not spending time on self-promotion, visuals, and visitor flow.

Many financial advisor websites are built purely to convey the firm's information - a factual rundown of the services offered and the firm's credentials. That usually results in financial advisor websites that feel cold and even intimidating. But a good website - a good web design firm - needs to bridge the gap between the advisor's resume and the client's needs.

The best financial advisor websites connect the potential client with the firm by using welcoming visuals, damping down the jargon, focusing on the client's desires (note we did not say 'needs'), and showing the client that they care about their experience by presenting them with a polished, uncluttered interface.

The following financial advisor websites achieve this in a variety of clever ways:

1911 Trust
Financial advisor website

The 1911 Trust website features a beautiful, serene background image. It evokes a sense of calm and control, and perhaps a retirement destination or dream. The dock speaks to a journey or path toward a goal. The website isn't cluttered with financial advisor jargon or infographics showing comprehensive strategies. It's about the visitor. Overall, it conveys an established, professional feel with a clear call to action.

Bonus: The little down arrows/carats in the navigation let a visitor know that there's more there - in this case dropdowns to additional pages. Sometimes it's the little things that make the difference.

Cox Capital Management
Financial advisor website

The standout feature of the Cox Capital Management website is the background video showing an abstract animation of financial data. It provides a polished and professional feel to the website, along with some dynamic and visual interest.

The website also makes use of a bold color palette - deep, strong blues and bright complementary gold for action elements. It conveys clarity and purpose that reflects Cox Capital's clear and unique approach to investment management.

Bonus: The firm is very active in their community (Andover, MA), and wanted to highlight that on their web presence. It doesn't hurt that references to their locality help their Google ranking as well. Great SEO is about finding that balance between natural content and marketing.

Jacoby Nealon & McCain
Financial advisor website

The Jacoby Nealon McCain website is all about simplicity. It follows right in line with their approach of first finding clarity for clients. There's nothing on the home page that doesn't need to be there. It teases their main principles, with a clear call to action and links to short (professional) videos that explain their philosophy and services.

Bonus: The pier shown on the website is a well-known local landmark in their service area (Naples, FL). So not only is it a great eye-catching image, it connects with potential clients and conveys their establishment as a long-standing local firm.

Resources Management Corp
Financial advisor website

The home page image on Resources Management Corp says it all. The whole point of financial advice is to ultimately manage resources in a way that enhances our lives. This image speaks directly to a potential client's end goal or vision.

The home page image here also does a few subtle things - it conveys calm and patience, offers one image of the kind of client the firm may serve (age, interests, etc), and softens the feel for a firm with a very strong - even cold - logo and firm name.

Bonus: The light font, soft color set, and casual client-focused messaging work beautifully with the home page image to present a welcoming feel. The end result is a website that can now talk financial specifics without coming across as cold and complex.