Website Audit

First things first, let's see where you stand

Is your website hurting your reputation?

Identify and fix embarrassing mistakes

Even if you're not ready for a full website redesign right now, you can certainly still fix embarrassing errors before any more visitors see them, or worse - a client brings them to your attention. Even the smallest of mistakes are magnified online, where they continually undermine your reputation 24x7. They can send visitors running from your website into the waiting arms of your competition.

You can claim all the wonderful accolades you like on your firm's website, but if you misspell financail, that's all they'll remember.

What you'll get

In about an hour, you'll get a private link to a free, fully interactive report that scores your website across a wide range of attributes. Your permalink will be active forever, so you can explore it at your own pace, without any pressure. Your audit report fully explains each element tested, why it's important, and how you can fix it.

Key Tests

Checks spelling across all pages in your website. Find and fix embarrassing typos.

Broken Links
Reveals broken links that send visitors to error pages. Identify and remove expired links.

Missing Files
Find out if you're sending visitors to files that aren't there. Save face and retain clients.

Contact Info
See all of your published contact info, discover old email addresses or phone numbers.

Checks if your website is truly mobile-friendly and what it looks like on phones and tablets.

Search engine results
Reveals the simple page title errors that are hurting your Google rankings (SEO).

Speed is everything on the web. How fast is your website and what files are slowing you down?

Are you talking way above your audience? Check how effective your content is.

And many more...

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